Developing payment and customer care solutions to help our customers’ business to grow

Who Are We

We are team of professionals aiming to provide solutions tailored to our customers’ specific needs.

Our Goal

Provide payment solutions that exceed expectations and lets our customers to focus on growing their businesses


We are happy to adapt our current solutions or develop add-ons to meet our clients’ needs.

We monitor service performance and provide customer support 24/7. So you can be sure that no problem will remain unsolved.

We have a fully duplicated PCI DSS certified infrastructure, thanks to which we ensure the continuity of service provision

Our team is experienced in searching and finding out of the box solutions for improving services or solving any technical problems.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience payments and custom solution development. Its professional competency allows us to grow the number of clients and expand the geography of service provisioning.

Meet Our Management Team!

Sonata Alkimaitė

Executive Officer (CEO)


Tautgirdas Budrys

Business development manager

Nikolaj Goranin

Nikolaj Goranin

Chief IT Security Officer (CISO)

Edmundas Streikus

Edmundas Streikus

Head of IT department (CIO)