Activate your own fintech idea

Do you have a fintech idea that you want to bring to the market? We are ready to help you. Having knowledge and expertise in this field, we'll work with you to develop your business from the start.



Make use of our knowledge and professional expertise to check if your idea is successful before bringing it to market.

process management

Our project managers will take care of the whole process: from analysis, to technical evaluation and resource management.

consultation and guidance

We'll guide you through the whole process and advise which aspects of your product should be evaluated and strengthened.


We have experienced and innovative programmers, developers, testers and other IT professionals. Leverage their know-how in building your product.

24/7 Support

Our support team will monitor the infrastructure and make sure that it's up to date and working properly. If clients run into issues they can reach us at any time.

Long lasting partnership

We aim to treat our clients as real partners and our goal is to build a relationship that makes everyone feel like a part of the team that can grow together.


From ideation to maintenance, learn how we’ll work together at every step of the way


First, we'll help you flesh out your idea and align your business goals with customer expectations and needs. In this stage we'll explore the product's specifications, create a timeline and calculate estimated costs of the whole project.

Market Research

Here, our marketing team will inspect the market to find competitors, clarify customer profiles and find the best channels to promote and sell your product.


Once we clarify the idea and find interested customers we will move on to development. We will assign a team that will be comprised of IT professionals that will build the actual product in line with business goals and customer needs.


Before launch we'll test the product to make sure that everything is running smoothly. We'll verify that the product is functioning as intended, that it can be adjusted quickly and that any future updates will have a minimal cost impact.


This is the stage where all the previous work bears fruit. We'll launch the product and acquire our first real users. Our project managers will make certain that any initial issues that customers might run into will be solved at lightning speed.

Support and Maintenance

When everything is up and running we'll assign a dedicated support team to overlook the day-to-day functioning of the product and respond to customer inquiries. During this phase we will also gather customer feedback to examine future growth options.

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