Electronic card readers (pos terminals)

Take your pick or ask us which one is the best for you

Standalone card readers

That’s your choice if you have small or medium business, using simple cash register and servicing moderate number of customers.
Ingenico Desk 2600 (Ethernet) or (3G/4G)

Mobile card readers

Need to accept payments no matter where your customers are? That’s the right choice for you mobile business. 
Ingenico Move 2600 (3G/4G)

Integrated with POS systems

Speed and efficiency – these are the keywords of your business. Our card readers makes a great pair to your POS systems. 

Ingenico Lane 3600 (Ethernet, USB, COM)


Need to accept payments without servicing customers directly? Indoor and outdoor solutions for self-service kiosks, parking lots and  petrol stations.
Ingenico iUP250LE, iUR250, iUC150B
Ingenico SELF/5000
Ingenico SELF/2000 (contactless card reader)


Contact us, we will provide an agreement and help you every step of the process to start taking credit and debit bank card payments.

We have partnered with a vast network of major banks to deliver easy access for businesses wanting to start taking credit and debit card payments. Every card reader comes with easy to understand user manuals and clear installation process instructions. Our technical teams and on-site engineers are here for you to provide a hassle-free setup processes. Our customer support and technicians are available 24/7.

Yes, card readers can be bought outright or rented for a small monthly fee, allowing you to take payments effortlessly.

UVS, Čekis, Raso, Nsoft, Empirija, Aspa, Rkeeper.

Bank card readers are ready to use within 24-48 hours, after receiving a confirmation from your bank. You can collect your bank card readers yourself at – Savanorių pr. 123A, Vilnius, or they can be shipped to you.

No, you can rent the card reader for as little (even 24 hours) or as long as you want.

Yes, our goal is for you to have a hassle-free experience, so that you could focus on growing your business.


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