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Introducing SoftPOS: A White-Label Solution to Elevate Your Merchant Services

Dedicated Support and Development: Our team is committed to supporting you with integration, customization, and ongoing development, ensuring the product evolves with market demands.

Expand Your Portfolio

Offer your merchants a modern, mobile POS solution that complements your existing services, setting you apart from competitors.

Attract and Retain Merchants

With SoftPOS, attract a broader range of merchants, from mobile vendors to high-volume retailers, and provide value that retains them.

Increase Revenue Streams

SoftPOS opens up new revenue opportunities through subscription models, transaction fees, or value-added services.

Minimal Overhead

As a software solution, SoftPOS requires no additional hardware investment, keeping overhead low while expanding your service offerings.

Empower Your Merchants with Cutting-Edge Technology

SoftPOS is more than a software-based Point of Sale system; it’s an opportunity for acquirers to provide unparalleled value to their merchants. Our white-label SoftPOS solution allows you to brand and customize the platform, offering a seamless, mobile, and secure payment processing solution under your own banner.

Our white-label platform is designed to be flexible, secure, and user-friendly, ensuring your merchants have the best tools to grow their business. Join the forefront of payment technology and offer your merchants a solution that truly meets the demands of modern commerce. With SoftPOS, elevate your service, enhance your brand, and expand your reach.


Are you ready to take your merchant services to the next level? Let's achieve your goals, together.

At our core, we are devoted to assisting clients in realizing their merchant offering objectives by leveraging our extensive expertise in payment solutions and fostering a collaborative approach.