eps lt Health insurance api

Evolutionary way to allow data sharing on pacient services for automated delivery to health insurance providers.

Easy access

Access to all Health insurance companies with a single API. Automate registration processes using single access point.

easy integration

Easy to integrate your current ERP System, ECR or webpage with all Health insurance companies.


Single point of entry where you can enter services you provided for all Health insurance companies’ clients

processes automatisation

Automatically receive compensation amount, adjust compensation limits and execute compensation transaction.

Our API connects you to all health insurance providers, automatically sends data about services provided and calculates the amount payable after deductions from insurance to end consumer. A core system to run, calculate, request and accept your medical centre payments:



Automatically calculates compensation amount, adjusts compensation limits and executes compensation transaction.


The solution significantly reduces need for human work with system administration and ensures lower risk of error occurrence.


Various reports of compensation usage and system performance can be generated periodically or on a real-time basis.


Web based tool for customer to check health insurance balance, usage history and calculate possible compensation options.

Who uses our HEALTH INSuRANCE solution


Yes, our solution empowers you to automate administrative tasks using one single point of access for every insurer.

EPS LT solution is made for data sharing on pacient services for automated delivery to health insurance providers and for the calculation of insurer’s payable amount. Insurance providers’ partner WEB remains for signing agreements and providing data about patient services.   

Yes, our solution is easy to integrate into existing medical systems. Records entered into your local medical system would automatically be shared with the insurer.

Information about medical records has to be entered via Partner WEB because:

  • Every insurer uses a different software solution and not all of them have the ability to automate medical record acquiring procedures.
  • Some insurers use email for data acquisition.
  • EPS LT solution is made for integration with electronic cash register systems.