Full coverage payment terminal services for acquirers & financial institutions
Remove constraints of managing your own payment infrastructure through our scalable, revenue-generating and predictable payment terminal management solution.


Manage your ECR and POS network more efficiently and at a lower operational cost. You can now start from scratch and fuel your global expansion or grow your existing POS & Self-service network, unlocking your assets from capital expenses and reducing the risk of lost interest on CAPEX. Focus on your primary business rather than managing the payment services network with all the added risks and costs.


Software development

We provide custom software development & software consulting services. Our industry-leading payment solutions are deployed all around Europe. Access to current, useful software is crucial if you want to differentiate yourself and build customer loyalty.

Processing infrastructure

We own and maintain 2 PCI-certified data centers at different locations. They are fully duplicated, including HSMs, communication lines and electrical power back-ups. Regular audits are carried out according to VISA, Mastercard and American Express requirements.

Customer Service for acquirers and their clients

Our customer service works 24/7/365. Customized monitoring and alert system allows detecting information on individually relevant issues in the early stage. An automatic monitoring system and a permanent working personnel ensure efficient and timely resolution of technical problems.

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Payments solutions

No matter what kind of business you have, with over 20 years of experience in software development, we'll find the perfect solution for you or your merchants.

Tap to Phone payments

Scale your in-store payments offering to merchants quickly and at a far lower cost by offering contactless payment acceptance solution which turns any Android device with NFC into a payment terminal.

MyEPS terminal management system

Automated payment terminals management system that allows you to save money, time and be more efficient.


Ingenico card readers

These devices were created with convenience, security, and simplicity in mind, offering anything from straightforward payment acceptance to more sophisticated features and capabilities. They give your retailers the resources and freedom they need to run their businesses effectively and without difficulty.

World-class processing infrastructure

We own and maintain 2 PCI-certified data centers at different locations. They are fully duplicated, including HSMs, communication lines and electrical power back-ups.

MyEPS terminal management system

Stay on top of and control your whole fleet of POS terminals effortlessly.Payment terminals may be remotely activated and programmed, software can be installed and updated, and real-time technical device status monitoring is available.

Security infrastructure

Best-in-class CISCO networking hardware and reliable Futurex HSM’s. Our E2E card acquiring infrastructure includes TMS, and is fully PCI DSS compliant. Transaction delivery/switching system fully complies with the requirements of VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Union Pay. We also provide banks with cards PIN management service as we have passed VISA PIN management audit.

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24-hour support service for POS terminals and transaction delivery questions

We work with and support the largest acquirers in the industry. No matter how big or small your clients' operations are, we will deliver the best quality services, backed by teams and resources only the biggest players in the market can get.

Prompt response to failures and malfunctions based on monitoring data

Our state of the art software monitoring systems allow us to solve any problems before they arise.

Continous support from highly qualified specialists who can solve even narrow-profile problems

Eliminate the need to hire additional experienced staff, scale freely and without risk. In extremely rare ocasions of failures and malfunctions, our monitoring software, engineering and in-house developer teams will solve most problems before they happen.


Payments infrastructure handling

Reduce risks and eliminate Capex costs.

Complete merchants handling

Focus on your core business.


EPS LT offers full coverage payment terminal services, including software development, processing infrastructure, and customer service, to help acquirers and financial institutions efficiently manage their payment infrastructure.

EPS LT collaborates with acquirers and financial institutions of all sizes, delivering high-quality services backed by extensive resources and expertise to support their operations effectively.

EPS LT provides continuous support from highly qualified specialists who can proactively address even narrow-profile problems, eliminating the need for partners to hire additional staff and minimizing risks.

EPS LT helps businesses remove the constraints of managing their payment infrastructure, allowing them to concentrate on their core operations. This includes software development, processing infrastructure, customer service, and more.

EPS LT offers partnership options related to payments infrastructure handling, software development, processing infrastructure, customer service, MyEPS terminal management, Ingenico terminals, security infrastructure, and more.

EPS LT’s MyEPS terminal management system allows effortless fleet management of POS terminals, including remote activation, programming, software updates, and real-time device status monitoring.

he Ingenico card readers prioritize convenience, security, and simplicity, offering features ranging from straightforward payment acceptance to more advanced capabilities, empowering retailers to run their businesses effectively.

EPS LT owns and maintains two PCI-certified data centers at different locations, fully duplicated with HSMs, communication lines, and electrical power back-ups. Regular audits are conducted to meet VISA, Mastercard, and American Express requirements, ensuring top-notch processing infrastructure and security.