The future of donations & charity solutions

According to fidelity charitable, the amount donated to charities increased dramatically over pre-pandemic levels in 2021, by a whooping 41 percent. This implies that charities must be flexible and adaptable in investing in new methods that show the most potential of donation collection in order to raise money through whatever methods required. By not adopting digital means of money collection, contribution streams might be lost and less aid could be provided to people in need. To take advantage of the rise in donations, charities can deploy EPS LT charitable solutions, which enable them to take advantage of funds that might otherwise go unused. For instance, EPS LT developed a standalone card reader solution that allows donors to choose the amount they wish to give and then touch their card to make a donation in support of Ukraine. Cash is sent directly to Charity’s bank account, providing lightning-fast donation reconciliation. EPS LT offers charity solutions for free, if your goal is to collect money for Ukraine, Sidabrinė linija or Ankstukai charity funds. 

Furthermore, the EPS LT charity solution enables you to collect larger donations, and donors may make contributions through Google Pay and Apple Pay. You will collect more donations and be more accommodating with contributors’ payment preferences by adding additional payment alternatives. One of the best methods to enhance the main contribution collection for your charity fund is to use a contactless donation solution that has been customized for your company by EPS LT. To enhance charity administration and raise the value of given monies, we think each digital fundraising campaign must make use of the most recent contactless technology. We are the top provider of Charity Solutions for charity funds because of EPS LT’s ability to provide everything a charity fund may possibly require for successful fundraising in one place, allowing us to be the best Charity Solutions supplier for charity funds. By minimizing complicated installation procedures, we provide products that are simple to set up and administer.

EPS LT offers an extremely easy way to open your merchant account and get a charity solution based on stand-alone card reader. Our easy to use, in-house built charity software empowers philanthropies to take advantage of and participate in latest online charity trends. Fundraising campaigns can be be managed easily as incoming donations can be monitored easily online. Charity funds can begin digital fundraising as it is shown to be the best way to fundraise money. Furthermore, several fundraising strategies allow charity funds more ways to fundraise and get more donations. EPS LT’s  contactless donation box is a proven tool to accomplish successful fundraising. We are the best charity solutions provider, developing our software in-house, with the ability to write software that matches your needs. Our self-service charity solution will empower you to reach a large donor base and help your fundraising cause get the funding needed to empower change.

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Trends in charity giving

  1. People in the 35 to 54 age group gave most to charity on average in 2021.      
  2. Almost 30% of donors say that lack of trust in charities is a barrier to giving.
  3. 55% of younger people say they are more likely to donate than they were three years ago.
  4. 73% of charities recorded a decline in “donations on the street” method of giving.
  5. 41% increase in the amount granted to charities over pre-pandemic levels occurred in 2021.
  6. 38% of philanthropies investigated for poor bookkeeping and negligence involved religion-based charity organizations.
  7. On average, people aged 35 to 54 donate 307,53 euros (265 pounds) to charity per year. 
  8. 90% of the nonprofits who engaged in innovative fundraising strategies have seen results.

The future of donations

The New York Times claims that while websites and services can successfully match contributors with legitimate nonprofits, they do not screen beneficiaries or investigate their backgrounds or financial goals. By collaborating with banks who rigorously verify charities’ legitimacy and the veracity of their histories and intentions, EPS LT’s charity solution gets around this problem. Surprisingly, research by Barclaycard indicated that just 4 out of every 100 UK charities presently use self-service technologies. As a result, using the EPS LT charity solution gives you a competitive advantage over your rivals and additional opportunities to raise money. Additionally, 73 percent of charities saw a reduction in “donations on the street” in 2021 as a result of fewer individuals carrying cash, according to study.

We believe creative donation methods have to be employed in the new age of donation collection. For instance, the animal welfare organization Blue Cross has outfitted many dogs jackets with contactless readers in order to encourage people to “touch and tap” the animals in order to donate £2.

Target younger donors

Smaller organizations appear to have an inaccurate representation of their primary donor base since they tend to concentrate on the older age groups, who in reality report giving the least. Maintain your relationship with current contributors while looking for fresh approaches to win over the next generation.

Get more street-wise

Although everyone is carrying less cash, consumers claim that on-street contributions are how they like to donate. So that your organization may continue to benefit from the generosity of onlookers, think about implementing cashless contribution options. Have personnel on hand who are knowledgeable about the technology and capable of guiding donations with assurance.

Build public trust

Giving is hindered by a perceived lack of openness on how charities operate and where donors’ money is spent. Discover captivating methods to share your charity’s story and set yourself apart from the competition.