Senior C# Backend Developer

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Assist in the development of a new software that supports our systems in a containerized and automated environment.


Work closely with the rest of the development teams, system operations team, infrastructure team and the security department.


You will be expected to identify automation opportunities within and outside of your team.


As a team member, you will be involved in the architecture, implementation, and management of our software and its release processes.

About us

By working with us, you will be right at the center of the technological revolution, in well- known and trusted payment solutions providers. We handle many projects, including widgets, desktop or mobile sites, and more. We can process thousands of payment transactions per second, which is equivalent to the orders processed by Amazon UK on its busiest day of the year. Impressed? Many more challenges are waiting for you if you join us.

We bet we can be a great match.

We believe we could be an excellent match for you. Are you looking for exciting projects? Do you want to work on greenfield projects and create reliable systems with low latency, similar to the transactional systems used by the best financial institutions? But with an added element of fun? Would you like to collaborate with some of the most talented Developers, QAs, SREs, and Product Owners in the field?

Professional requirements

Your role in the team

  • Develop high-volume, low-latency programs for mission-critical systems, delivering high availability and performance.
  • Be involved in the design process of programs, working closely with architects.
  • Assist with change management, capacity planning and emergency response as an expert of the runtime environment and business logic behavior.
  • Give input and contribute to monitoring & alerting requirements and implementation.
  • Prepare and perform releases of software components.
  • Help develop & maintain your team CI/CD needs.
  • Support continuous improvement by investigating alternative technologies and presenting these for architectural review.
  • Serve as mentor/coach to more junior team members. Positively impact the team skills by imparting your wealth of knowledge to the team and learn along the way.
  • Translate non-technical and technical requirements to appropriate audiences.

Skills needed

  • 5+ years of C# development experience, strong interest in problem solving, strong analytical skills & independence.
  • Experience with both .NET Core and .NET Framework.
  • Experience with TCP socket communication and low-level protocols (for example iso 8583).
  • Good understanding of design & architecture in OO software technologies.
  • Understanding of building and deploying of large scale system.
  • Experience in developing highly scalable REST microservices for .NET platform.
  • Experience with SQL technologies (PostgreSQL, MS SQL …)
  • Experience with ORMs is an advantage (EF core, Dapper…)
  • Strong understanding of advanced C# concepts – async/await, multithreading, delegates, linq, generics, events, reflections.
  • Distributed computing: Load balancing, Caching, CAP theorem.
  • Experience with managing high load performance applications: monitoring on all layers from CPU to application metrics.
  • Understanding of common design patterns.

Nice to have

    • Hands on Linux experience.
    • Experience with NoSQL technologies (Hazelcast, Redis…)
    • Migration experience from monolith to microservice architecture
    • Experience with monitoring & logging technologies (Splunk, New Relic…)
    • Experience with infrastructure technologies (AWS, k8s, Terraform, Docker…)
    • BS/MS degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Engineering or a related subject
    • Experience working with pub/sub/messaging systems (Kafka, ActiveMQ…)
    • Push technologies (Websockets)

What we are offering you


Opportunity to grow with the company within a dynamic and ever evolving fintech environment.

Best team

Supportive team where you can create and implement ideas and social events going on throughout the year.


Flexible working hours and possibility to choose the working environment that suits you.

Personal development

Possibility to develop your competencies and skills


Relaxed and fun working environment.


Competitive remuneration based on the results and competencies